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How Do I Become a NJB Referee?

If you have never officiated before, then NJB is a great place to start!  In order to become a NJB Referee, you are required to register, consent and pay for a background check, pay an association fee and if you are a new official, receive training.

To register, you will need to use the links at the bottom of the page under REGISTRATION STEPS.   If you have never been a NJB official please click on “New Officials”. If you have officiated with NJB then click on “Returning Officials”.

If registration is closed, and/or you are interested in the program and would like more details, , complete the form at the bottom of the Referee home page and submit to receive additional information.

Do I need prior experience as a basketball official? 

Prior experience is recommended but NOT required. We conduct training sessions for new officials. 

If you are an experienced official with a high school, varsity, or collegiate schedule, we may be able to start giving you assignments for our All-Net leagues and tournament games during any part of the year. The key part for you will be to get some exposure with our NJB All-Net assignors.

Do you offer training for your officials?

Yes, we offer clinics, training sessions, scrimmages, and on-court game experience.  At meetings and clinics you can ask questions about rules, mechanics and positioning.

If you are a New Official, You will work some games with experienced officials.

When are games played and how much time do I have to put in? 

The schedules for games are on weekends, usually Sunday’s from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm.

Referees work a minimum of 3 games per weekend.
No one is required to work games all day.
You can work as much or as little, depending on your availability and skill level. 

How far do I have to travel to my games?

Most games are played in basketball gyms throughout the South Bay, Peninsula and
Hollister/Salinas. However, you can travel as far as your limits to travel allow.

How do I receive my game assignments?

You will receive your game assignments through ArbiterSports.
Arbiter is the assigning program that NJB uses for its officials. It will send you e-mail alerts with details of where and when your games are held with the option to accept or decline the assignments.
A calendar within Arbiter is used to accept/decline or block dates based on your availability. 

What are the criteria for being an "ELITE" official and to become eligible to work All-Net games?

All-Net games are officiated by our best and most talented officials. Not coincidentally, most All-Net officials usually work high school contests for their local CIF unit.

To be rated as an “Elite” official, it usually takes the ability to work a high school varsity schedule (boys or girls).

As a divisional referee you may also choose to naturally work your way onto the Elite staff by impressing NJB evaluators and getting great reviews from your district assignor. This process may take several seasons as we would have limited opportunities to observe and rate you. To maximize your exposure and opportunity for advancement, we strongly suggest finding other recreational leagues to officiate and network with their veteran referees as well. You’d be surprised how many are linked to NJB and could put in a good word for you with our Elite assignors!

What are the costs involved?

To become a referee you must be qualified, registered, and capable to officiate games. This is why referees are required to pay a nominal fee to receive the proper training, guidance, and qualifications before they become a NJB official.

See Registration & Pay Process for more information.

How can I buy a NJB Referee Uniform?

Current NJB uniforms are available online at the NJB Store or can be picked up at the office with prior notification. Depending on your Referee level, you will select a Divisional uniform or an Elite Uniform.

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