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One of the unsung missions of National Junior Basketball is to provide a forum for the development of young basketball officials.
Though the referee program's primary goal is to secure the most capable referees for the games of NJB, the program  also looks to give opportunities for referees to develop their mechanics, judgment, and game management skills. We take pride in any official being able to accomplish their pursuit of a high school, collegiate, or professional game schedule thanks to some of the time they spent officiating NJB games.

The NJB Referee Department is always looking for strong experienced officials that can help train the rookies of our program while concurrently making sure the players of NJB get the best basketball experience possible. We also accept any interested, hard-working, and devoted youth official that wants to join our crew for the season.

Keep checking for 'Referee Updates' on a regular basis for news about registration and upcoming Referee Clinics & Training.

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Note: Other required forms found on "Registration & Pay Process" page!
Association Contract Period: 11/15/2016 - 11/14/2017       

          limited Winter League Scrimmages          Nov - tbd
          Turkey Day Shootout Tournament              Nov 26th & 27th, 2016
          Winter League Season                                   Dec 2016 – Mar 2017
          Spring League Season                                   Apr 2017 – May 2017
          SV B-Ball Jam Tournament                            Jun 3rd & 4th
          Summer League Season                                Jul 2017 – Aug 2017

Game Payment Methods
  • Direct Deposit to bank account - no fee (recommended)
  • Payment by check - $5 processing fee

Work assignments for the period
  • Turkey Day Shoot Tournament - Thanksgiving Weekend
  • Winter League Season - 1st week December - mid-March
  • Spring League Season - 1st of April thru end of May
  • San Jose Shootout Tournament - in reorganization status
  • Summer League Season - 3rd week July thru end August
  • plan 3 on 3 League & Tournament - September & October
  • Complete and submit a Contract & Pay Designation Form
  • Make payment or arrangement for association fee
  • Register or update account in the Arbiter system
  • Complete the Availability Form in Arbiter
  • Complete and submit a "W9" Payroll Form
  • A 1099 will be only issued to all Officials paid over $600
  • Complete "Live Scan" fingerprinting - required one time
  • Read, comprehend and apply the NJB rules for all games
  • Submit any Ejection Report on game day - this is a MUST
  • All Officials must attend a mechanics & NJB rules session
  • Officials game attire is required - NJB shirt & black pants
  • Game assignments are made through the Arbiter system
Key Program Info
Game Pay Guidelines
1.  Game fees will be based on your assigned ratings

2.  SVNJB uses a Rating System to comply with NJB National guidelines

3.  The game fees listed indicate the maximum amount the referee will be paid for each league game officiated based on their rating

4.  If there is only one (1) Referee during a game, they will receive game and a half pay

5.  Late Referees - Officials showing up after a game has started will have $5.00 deducted per period which is payable to the on‐time official:

• The maximum deduction will be $15.00 

6.  No‐shows without prior approval notification will have equivalent game fee deduction 

Program Contacts:

Karen Purnell- Program Info & Office Manager
ofc: 408.260-0100;
  • Association fee & payment Info
  • Payment, contract and pay designation process
  • Payroll process data & info
Reggie Burrell- Referee Coordinator
Cell: 408.561-0165;
  • Program Administration
  • Referee Evaluation & Training

Kenny Jackson- Training Coordinator
cell: 408.781-6789;
  • Clinic & Training Coordination
  • Observations & Evaluations

Eric Cordova - Program Manager
ofc: 408.260-0100;
  •  Officials recruitment
  • Clinic & Training Assistant
  • Fingerprinting and clinic info
  • Referee Gear
Pay Structure
Revised 12/1/2015
Winter Referee Pay Scale
Rating HS AN D1/2 D3
Elite HS $44 $39 $34 $36
Elite AN $42 $37 $33 $34
A $40 $35 $32 $32
B $31 $31 $31 $31
C $27 $27 $27 $27
S $25 $25 $25 $25
Spring/Summer Referee Pay Scale
Rating HS AN D1/2 D3
Elite HS n/a n/a $32 $30
Elite AN n/a n/a $31 $30
A n/a n/a $30 $30
B n/a n/a $28 $27
C n/a n/a $26 $25
S n/a n/a $25 $25
HS = High School; AN = All Net; D1, D2 & D3 = Division
• Elite HS: College, High School Officials working this level in other associations

• Elite AN: All-Net and/or some experience officiating HS Varsity games

• A: All-Net and Divisional highly skilled Officials with several years of experience

• B: Divisional Officials with at least 2 years experience and excellent evaluations

• C: Divisional less experienced Officials still needing additional entry level training

• S: Division 1 & 2 Officials attending school with or without experience


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